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6 S.Ct. 1064

29 L.Ed. 561

(Cite as: 118 U.S. 355, 6 S.Ct. 1064)

Supreme Court of the United States




FN1 S. C. 7 Pac. Rep. 369.

Filed May 10, 1886

In Error to the Supreme Court of the Territory of Utah.

West Headnotes

Federal Courts k491


(Formerly 106k387(1))

Act Cong. March 3, 1885, 2, 22 Stat. 443, which allows an appeal or writ of error from the Supreme Court of a territory, regardless of the sum or value in dispute, "in any case * * * in which is drawn in question * * * an authority exercised under the United States," does not give the Supreme Court of the United States jurisdiction of a writ of error to a territorial court in a criminal case, where neither the validity of the existence of the court, nor its jurisdiction over the crime or over the person of defendant, is drawn in question.

*355 **1064 BLATCHFORD, J.

The decision in Snow v. U. S., ante, 1059, dismissing the writs of error for want of jurisdiction, shows that there was no jurisdiction of the writ of error in this case. As the decision, reported in 116 U. S. 55, S. C. ante, 278, was made at the present term, the judgment rendered on the fourteenth of December, 1885, affirming the judgment of the supreme court of the territory of Utah, is set aside and vacated, the mandate is recalled, and the writ of error is dismissed.

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